In 2006, Delmax opened central warehouse at a strategically selected location in Stara Pazova. Here is a logistics and a management HQ.

Storing a constantly growing number of different items requires a continuous expansion of storage capacities. In order to answer to this task, central warehouse will reach 10,000 square meters in 2020.

Key challenges for success in our business:

  • Market trends are changing rapidly as a result of large number of different car models manufactured each year by the vehicle manufacturers
  • It is necessary to store a large number of articles and deliver them quickly and accurately, often at long distances, in very small quantities.
  • High level of training for all employees is necessary.

How do we respond to these challenges?

  • We conduct continuous internal and external based trainings for our employees.
  • We try to provide our employees with high quality working conditions with the aim of long-term mutual cooperation.
  • We have a professional approach in candidates selection process and our priority is development of employees within the organization.
  • We are investing in modern technological solutions and we are aware that we constantly must improve all business aspects.