Continuous development of the automotive industry sets a complex task of continuous expansion and optimization of the assortment in retail shops and central warehouse.

By analyzing vehicle models present at the market, we optimize and arrange assortment in order to provide availability of spare parts in line with market needs.

During 2016, the number of items in stock in our central warehouse exceeded 100,000 pcs and on average it is increased by 3,000 pcs per year.

The basic criterion in selection process of products which will be listed in portfolio, is maintaining the following balance:

Superior quality / good price

With this approach in products selection process, we inevitably arrive at the fact that our offer in vast majority consists of brands that are present on the Western European market.

Basic criteria for the introduction of new services:

  • Does the service have business value for workshop which is our customer?
  • Will service provide high quality solution for the situation/problem which vehicle owner has?

Some basic services are:

  • Modern IT solutions for identifying car parts
  • Multiple communication possibilities with sales personnel
  • Goods delivery to requested address
  • Assistance in the promotion and organization of marketing activities
  • Service concepts

Delmax Club membership

  • This service relates to vehicle owners, regardless of whether they are car owners or companies
  • The user of this service receives certain discounts when purchasing spare parts, and we store information about the vehicle which we use to optimize store supplies
  • The benefit for workshop is that at the moment of performing the necessary repairs on vehicle, we will most likely have the necessary spare parts available, and the repair of the vehicle can be completed in timely manner